Epic Matches - Pendelton vs. Askren

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Epic Matches - Pendelton vs. Askren

by Joe Williamson at Flowrestling on February 14, 2012

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Chris Pendelton tells of his epic victory over Ben Askren in the 2004 NCAA Finals in this episode of Cliff Keen Epic Matches. Chris Pendleton recounts their battles and talks about the Big 12 finals where Askren beat him and Chris learned a hard lesson. He felt too comfortable and ended up getting caught in a cradle. Chris Pendleton was more than ready when he faced Ben Askren in the NCAA finals. Although he was extremely nervous before their finals match but was able to come out victorious.

Chris Pendelton tells of his epic victory over Ben Askren in the 2004 NCAA Finals in this episode of Cliff Keen's Epic Matches.

Epic Matches - Pendelton vs. Askren 04:37

Epic Matches - Pendelton vs. Askren

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