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USAtoday - No wrestling coverage

Mark Morris 3 years ago

REALLY? - No Wrestling coverage

 Outside my hotel room door laid a copy of USA today paper. As I headed to breakfast I quickly looked to see what kid of headlines the NCAA wrestling championships would get. I was not surprised to see all basketball headline in big bold print but was still a little disappointed to not see wrestling on the front of the sports page in a prominent place with a big or semi big headline.

 What did surprise me was that after going through the whole sports section 3 times I still did not see a single word about the NCAA wrestling championships. Now I admit that I can miss things that are right in front of my face so maybe I missed it but this is the NCAA Championships. How can USA today miss this. How can the NCAA's not make sure that they get covered in such a prominent newspaper.

  The NCAA wrestling championships are awesome and the NCAA always does a fantastic job running them. Maybe they did try and USA today refused to cover them on the first day. All I know is that USA today lost a lot of respect from me and I hope they decide to give some great coverage for the rest of the tournament in the Monday edition.

    Mark Morris


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