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8th/9th Graders wanted for Disney Duals

PaState Wrestling 3 years ago

PA State Wrestling Team is looking for 8th/9th Graders for the
Disney Duals June 23-June 30, 2011

For information please email

Thank you.


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Caleb Kephart 2 years ago

i am in 9th grade and i wrestle 138 or 145 but i dont have an email i am very interested though

Caleb Kephart 2 years ago

i dont have an email but i wrestled 138 and 145 iam in 9th grade and would be very interested in wrestling disney duals

Anonymous Coward 3 years ago

just a curious question, no offense intended.

Is this website just a relative copy of flowrestling? many of the videos are the same on both websites.

Anonymous Coward 3 years ago

All high school weights. Its an individual and dual tourney. Please email

Anonymous Coward 3 years ago

what weights

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