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2011 PIAA AAA Contenders 103-140

Mark Morris 4 years ago

October is now here and the wrestling season is coming quickly. The official start of High School practice is not for over a month but many have already taken to the mats in preperation for the 2010-2011 season. There are big tournaments throughout the year but for PA High school wrestlers nothing is bigger than the PIAA championships in March.
This thread is to share your thoughts about who the top contenders will be. Lets keep to the listed weight classes for now and we will get to the other AAA and AA weight classes in the upcoming coming days.
 Please do not post negative comments about wrestlers but post about who you feel the top contenders will be in each weight class.
     Mark Morris


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R bill 3 years ago

130 Joey Mazzi LaSalle

R Bill 3 years ago

130 Joey Mazzi LaSalle

Please 3 years ago

Please tell me where you saw Chisko get the best of Beckman?? Dont get me wrong I believe Chisko is tough as nails and will win 4 state medals but come on!!

i saw 4 years ago

chishko will be a 4xer saw him wrestle beckman and megaludis he got the better of them. poor horan.

103 4 years ago

Is Jason Nolf a freshman this year? Is he in a AA or AAA school?

joe 4 years ago

103- anyone no one is at the top

him 4 years ago

chishko wot be at 125

mythoughts 4 years ago

125 - Zach Horan, Solomon Chisko, Tyson Dippery, Cameron Throckmorton, Brandon CHoate........

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