Matt Azevedo

Matt Azevedo

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Matt Azevedo Drexel Cooperative Education Program

on September 27, 2012

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Matt Azevedo is part of a family of wrestlers. His uncle, John Azevedo went to 1980 Olympics. Although Matt was part of a family of wrestlers he grew up in Nevada. As a freshman in high school he won a state championship and went on to win another one his junior year before going to Calvary Chapel to wrestle under his uncle.

In college Matt Azevedo was a 3x Qualifier but never placed. Currently he is training for the Olympics and is about 3rd or 4th in the nation. Matt Azevedo is also the lead assistant coach at Cal Poly.

  • Cal Poly

  • ASU/Iowa State

  • 2x Nevada State Champion 3rd Place at California State 3x NCAA Qualifier

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