2012 Junior World Championships

The U.S. Team travels to Thailand to compete at the World Championships

September 4, 2012 - September 10, 2012

Pattaya, Thailand

created by: Mark Morris

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Mark Morris 2 years ago

Actually after watching the slow motion of the clinch the Arm Wrestler did touch on the clinch. I think the Ref got that right after Seeing it in slow motion. That is a pretty slick technique for the clinch if you are going to go straight to a double leg.

Mark Morris 2 years ago

How do the Ref's keep missing the offensive guy miss actually going to the clinch on the whistle. It is something that is so obvious to everyone. Are they being instructed to ignore it? What little chance the defensive wrestler has is taken away by this obvious attention.
On the out of bounds call both Dance and the Arm wrestlers foot touched out of bounds at the same time. Why would they score it for the Arm wrestler. Dance was in the dominant position and it was his move.
The interesting thing here was that the coaches did not challenge either call. I would have thought they would have challenged the clinch as they had nothing to lose. The other call is tough because if you challenge and lose you are now down two points. If you do not challenge one point (takedown or push out) will still win the match for you. If you challenge and win of course you are up by one and only need to defend.

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