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Jordan Burroughs Still Hungry, Always Hungry

by Mark Bader at Flowrestling on December 31, 1969

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Jordan Burroughs won the Olympic Trials with a win in the finals over Andrew Howe whom he beat in the trials finals last year. Andrew Howe was injured in the first match and had to default out of the second match. Jordan Burroughs was nervous during his finals match and was looking forward to the second match. Jordan Burroughs upset Denis Tsargush of Russia at the World Championships last year and it has motivated the former world champion more than ever. Burroughs says he is still hungry and always hungry and that's why he feels he will be able to keep his edge. The wrestlers that impressed him the most at the Trials were Coleman Scott and Jared Frayer. On Twitter Jordan Burroughs surpassed 10,000 followers @alliseeisgold and he is looking forward to competing in London this summer.

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