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Burroughs and Taylor and NOT training for USA Wrestlers

by Mark Bader at Flowrestling on April 18, 2012

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Jordan joined us one week before the Olympic Team Trials via online video chat for a talk about the upcoming competition. He is excited to get out there and wrestle and he has been training hard in preparation for the event. One year ago Jordan Burroughs was the man in college wrestling, winning an NCAA title and claiming the Hodge Trophy. This year David Taylor stepped into that role and we asked Jordan about a potential match up with David Taylor. He respects Taylor but says this is his year to go out and win an Olympic gold, he is training for the best wrestlers in the world, not in the country. Sitting out until the finals has good and bad elements to it. You will be fresh for the finals and are obviously guaranteed a spot in the championship series, but Jordan says his first match is typically not his best. He will be sure to get a good warm up in earlier in the day in preparation for his championship finals series.

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