Lock Haven VS Cleveland State (GOhioCasts)

The Cleveland State Vikings head to Lock Haven for EWL dual action against the Bald Eagles. 

January 30, 2010

LHU Field House

Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

created by: Zebulin Miller

Top Videos
  • Sharon Taylor AD @ LHU

    Sharon Taylor is the Athletic Director for the Lock Haven Bald Eagles and is excited about the direc...

  • Craig With Schalles Cradle

    Dan Craig is right in the running to qualify for the NCAA tourny in March. Dan talks about getting h...

  • CSU is Fighting

    Coach Stehura is in year two with CSU and can't fault the Vikings fight. Stehura talks about the rig...

  • Cook with a Pin

    Lock Haven 184 Jeremie Cook got a wake up call early against CSU and came back with the pin.

  • LHU Wrestlers Buying In

    Matt Lackey feels that the Lock Haven wrestlers are buying into the system that Coach Waller is putt...

  • LHU Field House

    Lock Haven has an athletic environment centered around wrestling.

  • 285 Craig LHU VS Weber CSU

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