The debate of who is the best wresting state will never completley be settled because the results could vary depending on what set of criteria you use.
  Do you base it on the number of Div 1 Collegiate All Americans, Div 1 National Champions, across all college Divisions? Do you assign points for each placewinner at NCAA's? Do you base it off of High School wrestling? What Criteria? 
There is no doubt that you will get different results depending on the criteria you use but PA will stand in the top 1-3 on almost any rational criteria you want to use. In most cases I believe PA would stand at the top and especially where you are looking at depth of talent.
 Here is the questions -
  If PA put there best eligible wrestlers on one college team where would they place at the NCAA Div 1 Championships in 2012?
  To make it interesting lets say that you can not use any PA wrestlers on the PA team vs the team the are currently at. (ie you can not use Andrew Alton on the PA Allstar team if you are matching them up to Penn State)
 What would your PA team linup be? Who could give them the toughest match or even possibly beat them?