I have ben asked to organize a group of elite PA wrestlers who would like to travel to a National tournament that will be held in Las Vegas, NV on Nov 2-4. The tournament is the "Freak Show" and many top caliber wrestlers from California and the western states will be attending. As well there are groups from CO, MN, and other states that are going to bring groups.

Any wrestler who has placed top 5 in PIAA states will get free hotel, free transportation to event/hotel, Free entry and $75 towards airfare. You can get a round trip ticket for about $300 right now so that means the trip would cost ~$225. (Plus food and other spending money while you are out there).
 Brian Morrow will be coaching and we will also be videoing the PA guys matches and putting them online. Parents are welcomed to travel with the group but will be responsible for their own cost. We can get extra rooms at the Rio hotel for $120 a night. 
The website to the event is http://www.nuwayvegas.com/index.html
Please contact Mark Morris or Brian Morrow for further information.
Mark Morris - 717 691-8134 - pywrestlingmark@yahoo.com
Brian Morrow - 717 701-7711 - hilaltri@comcast.net